Creek Funds Summary

We are committed to financial transparency, while respecting privacy of donors where desired:

  • Direct donations count $1 for $1 (no surprises there) - donations are tax-deductible as we hold our funds in an SFA with Austin Parks Foundation, a 501(c)(3)

  • Volunteer hours also contribute financially - when we apply for a grant through Austin Parks Foundation we have to match it, and the value of our hours counts at a rate of roughly $28 per each hour of a volunteer's time

We use some other ways to make donations go further:

  • We work with nearby businesses to feed volunteers at our events - so that we build community as well as invest in the creek itself, without tapping into donations

  • We participate in Amplify Austin, as a subset of Austin Parks Foundation, so that your $1 donation turns into $2 before even hitting our account

  • Don't forget about your employer match to make dollars go further - If you donate $1, your employer matches another - some employers also offer Amplify matching - which means your $1 becomes $3 before it even hits our savings account

Do you have an idea we haven't listed? We would LOVE to hear it - please reach out and tell us!

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